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In addition, workshops provide direct hands-on professional development opportunities for classroom teachers. Culminating Activities allow students to demonstrate what they have learned during the program and reflect upon and assess their respective learning experiences. Evaluation Meetings are held at the conclusion of each residency between teachers and Music Center staff to discuss project impact as well as next steps.

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ATP residencies are comprised of at least 10 sequential sessions to provide more in-depth interaction between teaching artists and classroom teachers. To emphasize integration and thematic learning, all ATP activities integrate at least one of five Universal Themes developed specifically for the program: In , we are looking at ways in which ATP can help deliver a sequential learning model across K grades for schools with little or no exposure to arts education helping schools connect to their academic focus and drive learning in the arts.

The Music Center believes in the transformative power of the arts. Its long-term organizational goal is to create opportunities for the invaluable experience of the arts by promoting life-long learning as well as keeping artistic traditions alive and accessible for the community. For over 40 years, the New Orleans Ballet Association NOBA has been serving and helping to advance the dance field with a mission to cultivate understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of dance through performance, education, and community service.

In addition to the presentation of a Main Stage Season featuring world-class companies, NOBA provides almost 5, tuition-free dance classes to 1, students ages annually throughout the New Orleans metro area, a Master Artist Series in which internationally-renowned dance artists work intensively with students, full-scale performances, family field trips to see Main Stage performances, student internships, and more.

Working in partnership with multiple entities, the Dizzy Feet Foundation will fund sequentially based classes in community centers directly in the neighborhoods where participants live. Students need only have an interest in dance to participate, and uniforms leotards, tights, shoes are available for students with need. Seventy-five percent of students are deemed low income and, for many, would have no other access to dance or arts programming. In Charlotte Perry and Portia Mansfield, pioneering artists and arts educators from Smith College, had a dream — a performing arts camp in the Rocky Mountains with renowned professional artists in an unparalleled setting.

In , the campus — 76 acres near Steamboat Springs — was added to the National Register of Historic Places, in recognition of its significance in the evolution of modern dance in America. Young, predominantly African-American students are cultivated and supported through exquisite training in a wide variety of idioms, from classical ballet to modern dance. In addition to dance technique, students also develop social and personal skills, build confidence and grow as individuals.

Our town of 10, is economically disadvantaged but increasingly rich in arts appreciation, especially the love of dance. From the historic former city hall building South Lane Ballet Academy teaches ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and modern dance to approximately children six days a week. Our upper-level scholarship students assist in classes and tour with our Reve performing group. We want to entertain, encourage and teach both arts appreciation and dance itself.

In Reve toured with A Nutcracker Remix to nearly people at nursing homes, libraries and public schools. Members of our Reve performing group, ages 9 to 16, are ambassadors of dance to elementary students, demonstrating a grand jete and demi plie and helping children know their patella from their phalanges. Key to the success of this program is the fun the kids are having! SLBA has expanded its scholarship offerings as a result of outreach. Students who are exposed to dance for the first time in their school gyms are now able to attend SLBA.

Also on our agenda is the creation of a special needs dance class. Several children and young adults with developmental delays, physical challenges and autism attend our school currently. SLBA is proud to be working with local organizations to make a safe place for differently abled individuals to experience dance.

Job Opportunities:

Dance can create joy, health, personal growth. Dance can entertain, enliven and engage an entire community — even a community with roots deep in the timber and agricultural industries! The Wooden Floor pioneered the practice of involving at-risk youth in the process of creating new, risk-taking art. Our approach to dance engages students in inventive participation and artistic creation that is original and idiosyncratic. The dance we value is about possibility and expansion.

$660 worth of scholarship given to our graduating seniors in 2018!

Through 54 dance education classes per week, and annual performance opportunities, low-income, primarily Latino young artists bring themselves and their cultural background to the creative process. We uniquely bring this population together with artists to create and perform contemporary dance works that stand as works of art. Across three Lawrence public schools Wetherbee, Community Day Arlington, and Frost , five dance teachers with strong and varied backgrounds in both performing and teaching dance deliver weekly classes focused on a particular style of dance, but also on the foundations of movement, technique, and performance.

Across all classes, students gain an appreciation of dance as a rewarding form of expression and exercise and an art form with deep historical and cultural roots. Students learn rhythm and counting, dance terminology, and foundational dance steps. Dance classes follow a consistent routine each week, with a combination of stretching, skill building, observation and practice, and learning a choreographed routine. DATW is our in-school residency program, offering sequential and cumulative movement-based classes designed to foster embodied concentration, coordination, curiosity, observation, focus, communication, listening, imagination, empathy and problem-solving.

A lead dance teacher, guest world dancers, and teaching assistants, guide students to structure their own dances and thus discover creativity as a springboard for learning. Scholastic-based kinesthetic activities help students investigate weather patterns, geography, phonetics and spelling. In DATW, as children perform in front of their peers and families, they expand their confidence.

By connecting dance to social studies DATW honors heritage, cultural knowledge and geographical awareness. Since dance is non-verbal, many new English learners gain confidence to express themselves, and experience a greater sense of belonging. A culminating concert at each school features students performing alongside world dancers for the entire school as well as for their parents. This event brings the community together and thus increases engagement, improves school morale and student achievement. Our residency programs and school concerts target low-income and geographically remote schools in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

Classes are for third graders, yet culminating concert audiences span the spectrum of ages and the demographics represent the range of each public school.

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DATW is the centerpiece of our overall arts education program ArtSmart, which includes Professional Development for schoolteachers, an annual 4 —week Teaching-Artist training, and concerts by well-known Bay Area artists. Guiding pillars for Dance Around the World include: artistic excellence, modeling racial harmony, and increased cultural awareness and appreciation. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth age It has been stated that more middle schoolers are dying by suicide than car accidents.

Dare to Dance for a Difference

Simply Destinee is committed to breaking the stigma behind this topic through awareness and prevention. Our mission is to build confidence, nurture relationships and foster self-acceptance in our youth. Through music, our youth are building self-confidence through performances, learning about respecting others feelings in everyday life and developing their artistic skills by assisting in the creative process.

All of the skills can be used to better their future and ours. The studio is open for children and with a one time registration fee and offers events all year around. We also help our community to know the signs of suicide and guide them to the resources they need. Simply Destinee provides an all year program incorporating music, arts, and family time.

We create a safe and supportive environment. The directors engage the students through self expression by using music as a key element in the program. Throughout the month, birthdays are celebrated, monthly activities are created and the music is stopped to address social issues in the news and everyday life topics addressed in a peer group environment. This assists in helping the children to understand they are not alone and not the only one going through similar issues.

All the while, offering educational programs geared to different age groups to support them through various stages of life, as well as parents to recognize signs and engaging them to understand bullying and suicide. Simply Destinee also performs at various local events the dances they learn so the kids feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments and by bringing awareness to the organization and the cause they stand behind.

Our Just Dance Program will be offered to 1, members in our after school program.

This program will allow these members increased access to dance education and lifelong learning experiences of the arts. They will gain knowledge of a variety of dances, musical styles and the benefits and joy of dance. The instructors will provide customized instruction and mentoring along with innovative training methods. While based in Albuquerque, Keshet provides programming throughout the State of New Mexico and tours and conducts residencies regionally and globally.

Dizzy Feet Foundation is a generous supporter of the following two K-Lab programs:. Rather than a punitive and negative approach, Keshet uses movement to establish a positive common ground for the students as valued creative beings, which builds trust and confidence for the participating students. While the students are incarcerated, Keshet uses a movement based curriculum to teach math, science, literacy skills and conflict resolutions skills. By having classical ballet the Vaganova method at its core, including master classes by Arthur Mitchell and Fabian Barnes, the program achieves the important work of diversifying the ballet industry to include more African American and Latino male dancers, especially those from low-income communities, who otherwise would not have access to classical and contemporary ballet.

Boys for Ballet engages community leaders and artists to mentor and empower young men of color through intensive, pre-professional dance training in ballet, modern, hip hop, African, jazz, Latin dance, and repertory , performing arts education, academic support services, work readiness, and performance opportunities on DC stages. Offered during the school year, Mon-Fri, p. It helps them to identify their talent in dance and allows them to explore that gift through classical ballet and diverse disciplines.

It teaches young men to be accountable for their actions, and a positive influence to their peers, families and community. Participants train in all aspects of the ballet industry from performance to tech production, marketing and arts management. They work toward graduation, college, and careers. California Dance Institute CDI is an in-school and after-school, non-profit arts education program that teaches life and learning skills through dance and music. CDI motivates children to develop a personal standard of excellence through the rigor and joy of dance.

The athletic, high-energy dance style appeals to boys and girls alike, and the choreography has been carefully tailored to allow all children, including those with special needs, to experience success. During its fourteen-year history, CDI has served over 15, Los Angeles area students with direct programming. The program gives children a basic understanding of the fundamentals of movement, rhythm and music in structured, energetic dance classes with live musical accompaniment.

The school will also receive a staff development workshop for all classroom teachers. Students perform in mid-point and culminating community performances for their friends, family and peers.