Sinda Rella (Old stories told anew)

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The corresponding battle lasted long into the night, as Darkmoon Faire enthusiasts battle for the valuable shipment of cotton candy. Late in the night Alliance peasants secure the cargo and make for Ratchet while the seasoned veterans of the Alliance hold the savage Horde at bay until finally being defeated by a brutal counter attack of superior numbers. Several Alliance agents were wounded in the battle and were left stranded in Horde territory, while some are still reported missing.

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The children of Stormwind rejoice as cotton candy arrives at the harbor. The objective of the event was to hold the Crossroads for 30 minutes. Horde defenders ended the attack after 31 minutes and routed the attackers. This was a great time. Thank you very much to everyone who participated.

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The hour late within the dormitory in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind, Lisan Pierce, Janey Anship, and Suzanne, all experts in the realm of magical research and alchemy, conspired in the evening wear under the copper glow of candle light and the seclusion of a bed sheet tented above a tall narrow flower table. The three girls whispered , exuberant and jubilant, gesturing with broad waves of their hands and shakes of their heads as human women are fond of doing, hushed among the shadows for there were many listening who would be ill-taken to that over which they conversed.

It was so beautiful, I could almost cry!

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I could barely take it all in! I bet it was Orcish. Lisan scoffed and waved her hands.

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If it was Orcish I'd probably have mushrooms growing all over it. It'd probably have been all green and slimey too! It couldn't have been Orcish! It was all red wasn't it, Lisan? Oh - oh! We want to see it too! We'll sneak out tomorrow night. Oh it's something you simply have to experience for yourself!

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  • Sinda Rella Old Stories Told Anew!

I can't explain how wonderful it is! We can't let Archmage Malin know, though. Oh he'd be so cross with us! Haha - I think so, but I'm pretty sure you've had your revenge since then -.

Sinda Rella (Old Stories Told Anew) : Jake Van Der Kamp :

Sindarella never failed to be astounded by the ingenuity of goblin technology, particularly looking at the picture of the Stormwind streets in the latest issue of the Gazette - staring at the picture and then looking at the harbor steps - back to the picture - back to the steps. She squinted closely at the pages. Her pale lips shifted and pursed to favor one edge of her mouth, and then suddenly her pointed ears perked.


I remember that. Illisade and I got that 'one'!

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